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ageing resistance hose for phosphoric acid

Chemical resistance and oil resistance data

Chemical resistance and oil resistance data Read the following engineering data carefully in order to choose an appropriate hose for the safe use. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. [Description of signs] :No influence or almost no influence


CHEMICAL RESISTANCE CHART RATINGS — CHEMICAL EFFECT A — No effect—Excellent B — Minor effect—Good 2. Polypropylene — Satisfactory to 72 F. C — Moderate effect—Fair D — Severe effect—Not recommended FOOTNOTES 1. P.V.C

Improving the ageing resistance of straight-run …

1995/6/1· The resistance to ageing measured by the RTFO test was greatly increased, indiing a way of improving the ageing resistance of straight-run bitumens. Besides the lower cost, an advantage of such a process over blowing is the fact that the original bitumen specifiions are not dramatically affected; moreover, the low-temperature behaviour is not modified.


Updated: 20.06.2018 INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE CLEANING OF SEMPERIT FOOD QUALITY HOSES (3/3) Hoses LMW-AQUALINE, LMU and LMUS, LM1-EPDM and LM1S-EPDM, LMD, L and LS show higher resistance towards more challenging cleaning conditions, provided that the below

Hose Chemical Compatibility | Nelson-Jameson Learning …

Chemical resistance will be adversely affected by elevated temperatures. Contact 800-826-8302 to shop hoses. IMPORTANT: It is the users responsibility to ensure the suitability and safety of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics hose for all intended uses, including establishing the compatibility of any fluid with the hose through which it is to be transmitted.

Master Bond Acid Resistant Polymer Systems | …

Specific grades offer outstanding resistance to various concentrations of selected acids such as: Sulfuric acid Hydrofluoric acid Nitric acid Chromic acid Phosphoric acid Master Bond''s database of chemical immersion tests extends up to 10 years.

Chemical resistance chart - JRE Private Limited

Hose Asselies | Loading Arms | Specialized Couplings | Roof Drain System R CHEMICAL RESISTANCE CHART FOR FITTINGS LEGEND: "1" = Very Suitable, "2" = Suitable "3" = Not suitable, "-" = No data Acetaldehyde 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 na Acetic acid, air free 3 3

Selection of Stainless Steel for Handling Phosphoric Acid …

The austenitic stainless steel have good corrosion resistance to chemically pure phosphoric acid over a wide range of concentration and temperature. (The broken line represents the boiling point) At higher concentrations stainless steel 3 16 is resistant at higher temperature for any particular concentration i.e. the lines are essentially parallel.

Influence of Polyphosphoric Acid on the Consistency …

Typically, commercial PPA is a mixture of phosphoric acid (H 3 PO 4), pyrophosphoric acid (H 4 P 2 O 7), triphosphoric acid (H 5 P 3 O 10), and higher oligomers []. Bitumen refined from a specific crude oil has characteristic properties related to its consistency, namely, softening point and penetration value at 25°C (expressed in dmm) which is the base for the European grading system [ 19 ].



ageing resistance stainless steel braided teflon hose

ageing resistance 5 in x 25 ft api 7k vibrator hose ageing resistance is 10655 steam hoses ageing resistance stainless steel braided teflon hose ST-Flex Silicone Covered PTFE Hose

Chemical Resistance Chart for HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)

Chemical Resistance Chart for HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) The chemical resistance chart below is a general guide only. EG Phosphoric Acid, 1-5% - EE Ammonium Hydroxide, 30% - EE Ethyl Butyrate - GF Phosphoric Acid, 85% - EE n-Amyl

Chemical resistance of materials | Tameson

Chemical resistance chart for liquids and gases The table below shows the most commonly used media and their compatibility with the valve materials. Please note that the compatibility can be affected by temperature and concentration of the medium. The chart is

Rubber Chemical Resistance and Compatibility Guide - …

To help you identify the best rubber material for your seal, we’ve published this Rubber Chemical Compatibility and Resistance Guide. It covers all the most common grades of rubber and lists their compatibility with over 500 different types of chemical, media or fluid.

acid resistant hose pipes specifiions

There are Typically Three egories of Air Hose: Oil Resistant (Class A – High Oil Resistance or Class B – Medium Oil Resistance) and Non-Oil Resistant (Class C – Limited Oil Resistant). The Lower Pressure Hoses are Generally Used for Appliions such as Air Guns, Service Stations, Industrial Air Lines in Plants and Many Other Air Services.

Warning - Kuriyama of America On Kuriyama of America, Inc.

being used in the construction of Tigerflex hose. The Chemical Resistance Guides which appears on the following pages have been prepared to assist the user in the selection of the correct hose for the appliion. These recommendations are based on and test


Nitric Acid hNO 3 35% 180 (82) 100 (7) No Failure Phosphoric Acid h 3PO 4 85% 180 (82) 100 (7) No Failure Propylene Glycol Ch 3ChOhCh 2Oh 25% 180 (82) 100 (7) No Failure Sodium hydroxide NaOh 50% 180 (82) 100 (7) No Failure Sodium hypochlorite 2

Chemical Resistance Chart | TBL Performance Plastics

Chemical resistance of phthalate-free vinyl, silicone, polyurethane, hytrel, nylon, Teflon (PTFE), PFA, FEP, polypropylene, LLDPE, LDPE and more plastics Although this information is based on sources we deem to be accurate, we do not guarantee any chemical

Chemical Compatibility Database from Cole-Parmer

WARNING The information in this chart has been supplied to Cole-Parmer by other reputable sources and is to be used ONLY as a guide in selecting equipment for appropriate chemical compatibility. Before permanent installation, test the equipment with the

316L Stainless Steel Chemical Compatibility Chart from ISM

316L Stainless Steel Chemical Compatibility Chart ver 10-Jan-2020 industrials Key to General Chemical Resistance [all data based on 72 (22 C) unless noted] Explanation of Footnotes 1 – …

Chemical Resistance of Polypropylene and Polyethylene

Benzene Sulfonic Acid 100 150 Benzoic Acid 150 Benzol (see Benzene) NR Bismuth Carbonate 180 Generally speaking, the chemical resistance of polypropylene and polyethylene is considered superior to that of met-als. They are unaffected by most inorganic

Corrosion tables — Materials Technology

Corrosion data for a various stainless steels in an extensive range of media. The corrosion data in this section is mainly based on the results of general corrosion laboratory tests, which are not strictly comparable with actual service conditions.The corrosion tables

Chemical Resistance Chart - GenPore

Chemical Resistance of Porous Plastics Porous plastics are made from commercially available grades of polyethylene or polypropylene. These materials are resistant to a broad spectrum of solvents and chemicals. The data presented here was supplied by our raw

Jacketed Hose, Heat & Coolant Hose, Stainless Steel …

Phosphoric Acid Suction & Discharge Hoses (GPS) Carbon Free Hoses (GCF) Brewery & Cremery Hoses (GBC) Cable/Furnance Coolant Hoses (GFC) Air, Pneumatic, Rock Drill Hoses Sand / Shot Blasting & Cement Grouting Hoses (GSC) Sand & Gravel R1

Chemical Resistance Chart - Aetna Plastics

Chemical Resistance Chart First letter of each pair applies to conditions at 73 F ( 23 C); second letter to conditions at 125 F (52 C). Tubing material PVC PVC FuelPUR Ester PUR Ether LDPE Chemical ClearFLEX60/ M60/V60/70-1 GP70/GP70B BraidFLEX 70N …


2019/5/30· Nitric acid, 0 to 50% R C Phosgene, liquid N N Nitric acid, 60% R C Nitric acid, 70% R C Phosphoric acid R R Nitric acid, 80% C C Phosphorus, yellow R C Nitric acid, 90% C N Phosphorus, red R R Nitric acid, 100% N N Nitric acid, fuming